Photonic sintering of zinc metal for bioresorbable electronics


High conductivity printed transient metal on low-temperature flexible substrates using photonic sintering

Photonic sintering of zinc metal for bioresorbable electronics

Bioresorbable electronics have emerged in recent years as a promising concept for the developpement of a novel class of bioelectronic implants, which would allow for the temporary monitoring of physiological parameters, electric potentials or bioanalytes and subsenquently degrade in the body without harmful byproducts. Bioresorbable materials are challenging to process, largely due to their high reactivity and sensitivity to solvents and high temperatures. We leverage the use of additive manufacturing techniquesfor the scalable fabrication of pesonalizable transient implants. In particular, we introduce a novel sintering approach for the treatment of transient metal on temperature-sensitive bioresorbable, obtaining high-conductivity and durable metal interconnects.


Meet The Researchers

Dr Nicolas Fumeaux

Name: Nicolas Fumeaux
Institution: EPFL

Dr Danick Briand

Name: Danick Briand
Institution: EPFL

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